Certified QuickBooks Proadvisors are providing bookkeeping services to businesses in California. Our bookkeepers are expert in solving your bookkeeping, record keeping problems and provide you upfront solution.

We will help you in your QuickBooks set up, reconstruction, repair and job costing, single and multiple-user environments, desk-top and on-line versions of QuickBooks, from versions 2006 through 2012.

How it Works

The collection of accounting and bookkeeping records is simply from your office or home. Simply scan the documents and them through any mode convenient to you:

1. By Email: Most customer use this method as it takes a few minutes to attach scanned electronic files and send directly to your bookkeeper assigned to you.

2. Remote Access: Provide our bookkeeper with remote access to your machine and shared folder that he can access. Our bookkeeper will access accounting software and update these records on your computer.

What We Will Do

Once we receive your documents, our bookkeeper get to work immediately:

  • We Setup you ( Desktop QuickBooks) or Online
  • We update your records for bookkeeping
  • We Reconciles all banks and cash accounts
  • We Generate Easy to understand Reports ( P&L, Balance sheet and Cash Flow Statement)
  • We also love to assist in future planning and benchmarks

We are determined and can help you to make it work!

Service Fees

At bookkeeping services Co. we believe in simplicity, no hidden charges later down the road. All things will be fixed in advance, for example - number of hours before starting the project or fixed fees.


Attorney Practice, Canada Cast Study

Raef is the owner of a growing attorney business and he needed a bookkeeper and accountant but like most couldn't afford the full time cost of accountant, rather he needs a full time paralegal staff in his office.

How it worked:
Raef gave us limited access his online bank account. We set desktop QuickBooks file at his remote server, so he could log in any time to run reports.

Each month we worked with Raef to run his payroll, pay bills and charge clients each week. At the end of each month we reconcile his all personal and business bank statements and through e-mail send him monthly financial report.

At the end year hits - we create a backup file and financial reports to be sent to his Accountant directly. On review, tax accountant gives us the adjusting entries for the year end and we prepare his file for the next year.

You can scan fax, or e-mail any documents needed after month end and we will do the rest to keep your financials updated.

Additional information