Small Business Accounting Department

Bookkeeping Services Co's small business accounting services are exclusively for small business firms/owners. Our procedure helps us to understand your accounting, do process mapping , initiate offshore migration, and start deliver period accounting and management reports to our customers to help you to run your business smoothly and concentrate on core business activities.

You will appreciate that no two businesses are equal; each has its own accounting and financial procedures and systems to support their business. To accommodate this, Bookkeeping Services Co has a customized accounting services tailored towards each small businesses unique needs and requirements.

Implementation of your  accounting outsourcing services can be accomplished in a matter of weeks.  Our proven methodology has resulted in many happy clients.  Our implementation process consists of:

1. Understanding Business Process to be outsourced.
We work with small business owners or firms  to understand their accounting needs and identify accounting processes that needs to be outsourced. At the end of this phase our customers will have an overall understanding of our accounting system to satisfy their unique requirements.

2. Feasibility Study and overall process mapping
We work with our customers to create various accounting process mapping activities to integrate between the internal accounting processes and the offshore accounting business processes. This phase we will determine the entire solutions and the cost efficiency of the accounting to our clients.

3. Business Process Migration/Transition
We  execute the work to our offshore locations. We coordinate extensively with our customers  and report the project status regularly to our customers. During this stage we create digital process manual to execute work at our offshore facility.

4. Business Process Stabilization and Delivery
In this final phase, accounting business process solution is implemented. We work closely with your client’s team for knowledge transfer and monitor accounting process flow performance.

We can undertake any type of accounting and financial projects to custom suite your small business needs and requirements.

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