Virtual Staffing Solution - If you are expecting to outsource more than 100 hrs of accounting work per month, we suggest you to go for our Staffing Solution. Herein, you hire a staff member on full-time basis. This is just like recruiting a staff member at your office and allowing him to work from anywhere.
Virtual remote assistant handles your daily labor intensive tasks. Trained virtual assistant helps to free your time to concentrate on your core business and you can give more time to your clients!
Thus, our model offers you the following  benefits - 

Bookkeeping Services Co.'s virtual assistants are trained to handle all your operations task which involves heavy paper scanning  and data entry, form filling jobs in accurately. Accurate and organized data is the key to accelerating your business growth.

Reduce costs– Work with clients to help reduce their cost of operation.

Scalability –Managing an in-house team of office assistants can be equally stressful, leaving you with no time to spend on your core business activities. Hire new office staff and training is tiresome process and it is really very hard to assume how long staff will work with you.

With Bookkeeping Services Co., no worries, we ramp up quickly to meet rapid growth in demand and support organizational growth without increasing the budgets allocated.

Reduce Time-to-Market – Leverage the global delivery model, time differences and offshore operational efficiencies to help clients serve their customers and bring new service to the market.

Extended Team – Work with clients as an extension to their on site team.

Partner – Work as a true partner with the client as against being a vendor.

Capacity – 24×7 capability

Outsourcing bookkeeping  services is a profitable decision that can help you to grow without planning for business expansion budget coupled with access to error-free data processing at an extremely low cost.

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