Why Choose Us | Bookkeeping Services Co.

We are  accounting bookkeeping outsourcing service company located in India offering technologically advanced professional services such as: Accounting Process, Bookkeeping and Taxation process along with Business Analysis - for clients.

We aim to exceed the expectations of our clients by providing value addition through cost reduction and quality assurance.
Reduce Cost   

•    Work with clients to help reduce their cost of operation.


•    Ramp up quickly to meet rapid growth in demand and support organizational growth without increasing the budgets allocated.

Reduce time to Market 

•    Leverage the global delivery model, time differences and offshore operational efficiency is to help clients serve their customers and bring new services to the market.

Extended Team 

•    Work with clients as an extension to their onsite team.


•    Work as a true partner with the clients as against being a vendor.


•    24X7 Capability


•    Access to production floor and Server rooms are restricted. Visitors are granted access till visitors lounge only
•    All employees are provided with Access Control Cards to enter the facility. Each access card bears the employee’s photograph and need to displayed prominently.
•    Each employee is issued with a unique user ID and password and our ID Track systems logs.
•    Internal network and systems are secured by firewall protected proxy server for external threats. Users are not allowed to access Internet within the facility.


We hope that above security systems in place will help putting confidence in us related to your information.

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